Ultimate colour guide for office furniture

Colour in your office can have a powerful effect on the productivity of employees and the overall aesthetic of the office. While your first priority might be the colours on your walls, it’s important that the colour of your office furniture is considered, too. The right furniture can completely transform your office space and create a productive and pleasant workplace. Read on to discover some effective colour combinations for office furniture.

White office furniture

White is the perfect colour for minimalists, and it can complement pretty much any colour scheme. White creates a clean, airy aesthetic, but it can seem clinical when there’s too much of it. So, you may choose to implement white in your furniture rather than on your walls for a balanced yet bright look. A large white bench desk can make your office look bigger and less cluttered, as well as seating lots of employees at the same desk. White office furniture is perfect for brightening up a space without being too colourful, and it’s always a safe bet when you’re not sure what to go for. 

Black office furniture

Black is an authoritative colour, so it makes a great choice for a corporate space. A black upholstered office chair is always a classic, providing both style and comfort. However, as black is such a dark colour, it should be carefully balanced with other colour choices. For example, if you choose to use black office chairs for a professional look, be sure to pair it with some lighter neutral features or a pop of colour. This will prevent your office from looking too dark and gloomy, which will undoubtedly affect the mood of employees.

Grey office furniture

Grey is a calming colour, and ideal for creating a relaxing, neutral atmosphere. Grey office furniture would work well in creating an office relaxation room, or just in general for neutral colours which aren’t too overpowering. Some grey low back stools make the perfect addition to a neutral breakout space, creating a casual space for employees to take a few minutes away from their desks.

Natural wood office furniture

Although not a ‘colour’ as such, a wood finish to furniture can look amazing in any office. From shelves to benches, wood is a reliable material that can be customised with a variety of finishes. Brown is a neutral colour so it can go with pretty much anything, and the texture of natural wood adds a rustic and fresh feel to a room. Wooden furniture is a great way of adding some extra texture to your office furniture, and due to the different colours it can come in, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your office.

Colourful office furniture

Lots of offices tend to opt for furniture that’s neutral toned and professional looking. However, some bright colours in the office can transform the mood of your working day. Colour psychology and the qualities of each individual colour is important to consider when choosing a bright colour for your office, so choose carefully. 

Blue office furniture

Blue is a colour that’s associated with creativity, communication, and trust. So, blue office furniture can be best placed in an area where lots of meetings and brainstorming might take place. A comfortable blue office sofa makes a great addition to any casual collaboration area, creating an inspiring and creative space. Or, try some blue stackable chairs that can be whipped out conveniently for when inspiration strikes.

Red office furniture

Red is one of the boldest colours out there - it represents passion, urgency, and alertness. Red is an effective colour for motivating employees to really push themselves in their work. Red office furniture can be implemented through a stylish glass top table, with matching chairs. If you want an office that’s bold and dramatic then red office furniture is a solid investment. But, red might not be fitting for more calming, neutral office vibes.

Green office furniture

Green - the colour of nature, balance, and harmony. For those wanting to create a zen office space that doesn’t feel too artificial, try incorporating some green office furniture. Green is also a colour associated with wealth and money, so you might want to use green office furniture in a client meeting place. Try placing a comfortable and luxurious green upholstered sofa for important client meetings and pitches to encourage an atmosphere of wealth, health, and prosperity. What’s more, green is the ideal colour scheme for creating a biophilic office - whether you implement it through plants or furniture.

Orange office furniture

Orange is an invigorating colour, perfect for encouraging a high-energy, cheerful workplace. While it could be overpowering when used in excess, some deliberate splashes of orange in an office can create a motivating workspace. For example, your workplace can look professional and fun with orange detailing, as you can see in the image above. Using orange in a solo work pod means employees can still be productive whilst enjoying the benefits of bright, cheerful office furniture.

Yellow office furniture

Yellow is another colour that’s perfect for inspiring creativity within the workplace. Yellow office furniture can be somewhat hard to come by, but it’s ideal for adding some cheer into your office. Yellow stools can add the perfect finish to a fun, modern office, or try adding a pop of colour to your task and executive seating with a yellow cushioned seat.

Purple office furniture

When it comes to creating a luxurious office, purple office furniture can be a huge help. The colour purple is associated with power and luxury, so it’s great for brands who have an authoritative and powerful brand image. Some strategically placed purple armchairs in your office can create the impression of power and luxury, creating an elegant office to work and hold meetings in.

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