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Here at DBI Furniture Solutions, we’re proud to assemble a range of high-quality CPU holders, designed for safer and more efficient workplaces. A CPU holder is a smart design investment to improve workspace storage, appearance and safety. What’s more, our range of these clever and practical computer aids come in a variety of innovative styles to suit.

Modern, sleek and nimble, installing a CPU bracket holder can reassure your staff, as safety is paramount to this office feature. All products will provide safe and stable attachments for a variety of CPUs to help users work as comfortably and safely as possible.

Mounted arms provide a professional and neat look whilst mobile CPU holders under desk item allows for easier transport and adjustments. So whether under your office desk, on it or mounted to the side wall, no matter the position, you can guarantee a more attractive and secure workplace.

Call or email us today to speak to one of our trusted, office design experts to see what CPU holders will work best for your workspace.

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