7 benefits of oak office furniture

When it comes to office furniture, there are so many materials to choose from. Each material will have its own benefits and potential drawbacks, so it’s up to you to evaluate the office furniture you buy. A popular choice for many workplaces is oak office furniture, due to the many reasons that we outline below. Continue reading for seven benefits of oak office furniture. 

1. An impressive appearance

Everyone wants a stylish office, so having the right furniture to match is essential. Oak office furniture has a beautiful appearance due to its unique texture and grain. It can add lots of warmth to any office by making the most of natural materials - perfect for a biophilic office. An oak desk with drawers is great to work from, as it provides extra storage as well as looking fantastic. Whether working from a home office or in a larger workplace, this desk works perfectly when paired with comfortable office seating. It’s a lot easier to be productive when your office furniture looks and feels amazing.

2. Versatility

Oak is a type of hardwood that can be used to manufacture a variety of different office furniture products. Whether you’re looking for an oak desk or a wooden office bookcase, almost anything can be made from this versatile material. Oak also comes in different shades, most commonly light, natural, and dark. There is also the option to choose a finish that’s matte or shiny. This means that your oak office furniture can be altered to the smallest detail in order to provide the look you desire. If there’s a product you really like, try asking your office furniture supplier whether they can cater to your ideal finish.

3. Simple maintenance

Unlike other materials which may need polishing or frequent dusting, oak office furniture is incredibly easy to take care of. Oak hides dust and small marks well, meaning a quick wipe down every now and then will keep your furniture looking presentable. This makes oak a great choice for coffee tables or canteen tables, as crumbs can be easily brushed off without the need for rigorous polishing.

4. Durability

Office furniture that’s made from cheap, short-lived materials will need to be replaced frequently. This is not only a hassle to keep replacing, but it will have a significant impact on your budget. Oak office furniture is a solid investment that assures your furniture will be in good condition for many years. Oak is very resistant to wear and tear, so it will show very little signs of damage over time. An oak table or desk will be able to hold the weight of all of your office accessories and equipment, creating a sturdy and reliable surface to work on.

5. Complements other office furniture

Because oak provides such a warm and natural finish, it’s not too flashy to be paired with any other colours or textures in your office. This is perfect if you often rearrange your office layout and need different pieces of furniture to seamlessly fit into any area of the space. Oak office furniture can work together with all sorts of materials, so you also don’t need to worry about whether new additions to your office will match. Plus, if you opt for oak modular office furniture, it’s even easier to rearrange your office furniture and switch up your working style to best tackle different projects.

6. Timelessness

Interior design trends come and go, and it can be easy to get swept up in the alluring rush of buying trendy, new furniture. However, trends can die quickly, so it’s always helpful to invest in some core office furniture that will remain timeless. This way, you can buy that new, trending office chair that’s caught your eye without your whole office looking outdated when it falls out of trend. Investing in quality oak office furniture will ensure that your office stays looking stylish, whatever the year or season.

7. Sustainability

Because oak office furniture is long lasting, it makes a sustainable choice over cheap, plastic furniture that needs to be frequently replaced. Plus, oak is a natural, renewable resource that doesn’t harm the environment as much as many other materials. By opting for an oak office desk over a plastic one, you’ll be left with a durable, timeless product that will last as long as your business needs it to. This means less damage to the earth, and more productivity to your business.

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