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Our bench desks are perfect for businesses that want to create a collaborative working environment. They make it much easier for your employees to work as a team and get on with those complex projects. Companies that choose the bench desk over other office desks are doing so in order to increase productivity, engage staff more and to update their work cultures.

On the other hand, our modular desks manage to strike a professional look that’s ideal for a more corporate setting. Offering a range of colours, finishes and extras such as cable management you can tailor the desks to suit your needs with our bench desking systems.

Our office desks can be rectangular, back-to-back, can come with fixed tops and can be framed. If you wish to opt for a frame bench desk, there are variations from squared, rectangular to standard so you can find a frame that suits your office space. You can also update desks with our varied range of office partitions.

Whether you have small or large teams, these desks are ideal to provide a sectioned workspace whilst giving well-suited individual space. Teams can liaise closer together and productivity thrives in these layouts.

These are also perfect for more open-plan workplaces and can work brilliantly for more centred layouts for managers to oversee more effectively. Particular settings that can benefit greatly from these desking systems are chemistry labs, IT rooms, coding teams to all sorts of team-focused work environments.

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