Why your employees need a breakout space


Why your employees need a breakout space

What is an office breakout space?

The modern day workplace is built for agility and efficiency, encouraging the use of various ‘work zones’ that are easy to transition between. This is where the increasingly popular office breakout space makes an appearance. These are casual, comfier work spaces that can be used by staff to escape from the aches and pains of their desk every now and then. Providing a degree of flexibility to the working environment, office breakout areas carry several physical and mental health benefits, which could be just what you need for an added productivity boost. 

If you’re planning an office fit out, read on to find out about the benefits of office breakout areas, and why you need them in your workspace. 

Collaboration station 

Teamwork makes the dream work, and there really is something addictive about a good collaborative idea coming together. Office booths create the perfect opportunity to pull out a good old pen and paper and get stuck into a brainstorming session. By providing a private space for group work, healthy noise levels will be maintained to avoid any eureka moments distracting the rest of the office. 

Home comforts

Findings have shown that happy workers are more productive than those who feel uncomfortable in their working environment, so breakout areas are a great way to bring home comforts into the office. You could take things a step further and kit out private working zones with cosy cushions, throws or beanbags to add further homey touches. Employees are more likely to open up and share innovative ideas when they feel comfortable, so acknowledging staff wellbeing and creating a relaxed environment is guaranteed to better your business. 

Keeping active

Sitting in your office chair all day is actually more dangerous than you may think, dubbed by BetterHealth as “the new smoking”. But, you don’t actually need to hire an office gym coach each week to get your employees’ hearts pumping; instead, encourage them to move between ‘work zones’ as often as possible. Just be sure to ensure that the journey between zones is as swift as possible, to avoid tripping over feet or chair legs in the process. Even though some may only be travelling for a matter of seconds, it’s a much healthier way to break up the working day, without being constantly confined to an office chair. Staying fit with a desk job is easier than you may think, just be sure to encourage plenty of movement wherever possible. 

A change of scenery 

Taking breaks during the long working day is actually a major productivity booster, as supported by research findings. When writer’s block starts to get in the way of creating quality content, the effects of boredom will start to creep in. By stepping away from your desk for a few minutes and heading into a booth for some private work, it allows your brain to reset itself and destress. An inactive mind is less likely to retain information too, so it’s not just your body that will benefit from moving between workspaces. 

Concentration booster

Although we all love a healthy dose of the office buzz, some employees may start to get overwhelmed by the volume levels creeping higher, which could decrease overall productivity. Sound-proofed booths are ideal for these scenarios, allowing staff to take a private breather when needed to regain focus. Some people may struggle to zone out from distractions, so providing them with the quiet space they need to think clearly is sure to improve mental wellbeing. 

If you would like to incorporate an office breakout space into your office and need some installation advice, our fit out experts would love to have a chat. Get in contact today to begin enhancing your workplace!