How to maximise space in a small office

A small office can come with many perks: more collaboration, lower costs, and easy maintenance, to name a few. But, sometimes you want your small office to feel a little bigger. To do so, you need to maximise the existing space in your office, with the right office furniture to cater to your needs. We’ve put together some different ideas to show you how to maximise space in a small office. 

Make storage a priority

Any office will feel smaller with poor office storage, as clutter can easily accumulate and take up space. So, having plenty of storage space means that every item in your office can have a place to be put away neatly out of sight. This will also make your office run much more efficiently, as employees will know exactly where to find everything they need. However, you don’t want storage that’s big and clunky, as this may end up taking up too much space. Pull out filing frames are ideal for adding to your existing storage to make use of all the space, as well as making it extra organised. 

Office storage doesn’t have to be boring - why not embrace modular furniture and invest in some Senator Play Storage? These playful cupboards provide both style and space, enhancing the way your office looks and functions. Plus, modular office furniture is easily rearranged, allowing you to try out different layouts to see which works best for maximising space. 

Buy space-efficient office furniture

Traditional office design often uses large, bulky desks and conference tables, which isn’t the best fit for a small office. Although large office furniture has its merits, it takes up a lot of space that you could be utilising. If you are looking to maximise space in your small office, then it makes sense to downsize your furniture. If your meetings usually only include three or four people, then why not swap out your large office table for a space-saving office pod? Opt for desks with drawers as a way to maximise your space by having furniture with more than one purpose. 

Utilise your wall space

When it comes to maximising space, so many people forget about the usefulness of their walls. Walls are for more than just decorative items - you can make great use of wall-mounted storage to free up precious floor space. Instead of a short, long cabinet, opt for one that extends upwards along the wall. You can also incorporate hooks and shelves for employees to place their coats and bags, so that the office isn’t cluttered. Further use of your walls includes whiteboards and cork boards, which can be used for office-wide reminders or to track progress.

Did you know our corporate sister site can create bespoke storage walls as part of your office fit out? Contact the Diamond interiors customer service team to find out more.

Declutter and reorganise

Making improvements to your office space doesn’t always require buying new things - many items in your office can be discarded or replaced. Declutter any items that you don’t need, and replace unsuitable office seating or other furniture with smaller, better quality items. The same goes for any miscellaneous items in the office, such as old files, outdated equipment, or personal items left behind by previous employees. Once you’ve determined what’s staying, going, and being bought in new, you can rearrange your office space to reach its full potential.

Manage cables in the office

Keep messy cables out of sight! Not only are they unsightly, but loose cables take up unnecessary floor space, and they’re a common trip hazard. Invest in some office cable management or use a desk power hub to keep wires and cables off the floor and out of the way. You’ll be surprised how much difference it makes.

Give hot desking a try

Hot desking is brilliant for making the most of your space, as it requires less desks in the office. Instead of having individual desks for each employee squeezed into the space, hot desks are used more flexibly. This means that when some employees are working from home or out of the office, there are no empty desks taking up precious office space. If you’re intrigued by hot desking, read our blog post about how to hot desk properly.

Use colour to your advantage

Finally, don’t forget the effect that colour has on the way your office looks. While it may not literally make space, it maximises your office by working with your existing layout. An office filled with dark hues and black furniture is likely to be much smaller and also will be much less enjoyable to work in. On the flip side, try embracing light colours in both the office furniture and the walls. Lighter colours will help to open up the room, making it feel much bigger and thereby taking full advantage of the office space. To learn more about office furniture and colours, read our ultimate colour guide for office furniture.

Use these tips to maximise space in a small office, and you’ll notice productivity levels soaring. DBI Furniture Solutions offer countless styles and ranges of stylish, high quality office seating, desks, accessories, and more. For more information about office furniture, contact us.