How to create an office relaxation room


How to create an office relaxation room

Ever find yourself succumbing to the stresses of work, unable to find a spare, quiet minute in the day to take some time for yourself? The truth is, you actually do need to take microbreaks to regain concentration levels every now and then. When finding the time to take a breather, head over to the office relaxation room, a place where you can reset and restore. But what if you don’t have an office relaxation room?

Here is everything you need to know about how to create one and the ideal office furniture to purchase, so that you can bring a sense of inner peace back to your workspace.

Cosy furniture

Choose furniture that allows staff to sink back, take a deep breath, and sit for a moment. Soft seating, such as lounge chairs, office sofas and foot stools create the perfect destressing environment, providing employees with the chance to escape their desk chair every once in a while. Be sure to decorate these with throws and cushions, so that you can bring an essence of home to the office. You won’t need to compromise on aesthetics either, as there are plenty of colours and styles to choose from. We’ll go on to explain how to select a calming colour scheme next.

Calming colours

Thanks to the wonders of colour psychology, particular tones and shades can be used to evoke a variety of moods or feelings. For example, yellow has been linked to creativity and positivity, whereas green has been associated with wealth and calmness. There are a variety of ways that you could decorate your office relaxation room with your favourite colour schemes in mind, whether this be through furniture materials, feature walls, or office plants. 


Office artwork is another route to go down, with abstract art known for its extensive colour experimentation. Landscape art, on the other hand, has been linked to reduced levels of anger and stress, so it could be just what you need to start putting an office relaxation room together. From Bob Ross to William Turner, there are so many wonderful artists out there to discover that create the opportunity for viewers to transport themselves to another world – one that’s certainly much more calming than our own! 


To set the right mood for your office relaxation room, be sure to equip with plenty of warm, calming lighting. The gentle glow emitted from office floor lamps is an instant relaxant, or pop in a Himalayan Salt Lamp or two to really enhance stress-relief. You can go one step further by not only providing visual experience, but audio too. Allow employees to choose from an array of soothing nature sounds, think running waterfalls and chirping birds. Being in the office removes us from the outside world most of the time, so having a space that reconnects with nature is a must. 

Grounding activities

Happy employees make productive employees, so balance work and play by providing some fun activities for staff to engage in. If you do decide to set up a games room, let competitive spirit run high by bringing in an office ping pong table, or include a quiet reading corner for those that want to get lost in a good book. Don’t forget the comfy beanbags!

An essence of biophilia

Biophilic office design is a guaranteed stress buster, teaching that immersing employees in nature is one way to improve their overall performance. Decorate chill out zones with plenty of succulents and planters filled with your favourite leafy greens, to transform any bland space into a beautiful tropical paradise. For an extra splash of colour, and to bring in more calming tones of green, you could set up your own living wall.

Looking to make your office a little more zen? Have a chat with our friendly team of fit out experts, who are on hand to transform your space from mayhem to mindful.