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Once you’ve got all the office desks arranged, you may need a pedestal drawer for each. Storage under the desk is important and provides a helpful and efficient workstation for each of your employees. Our office pedestals come in a range of sizes, draw sets and materials, making sure different workplaces can offer suitable matches to their office furniture and desks.

Providing under desk mobile pedestals for your employees will improve productivity and make your staff a lot happier, knowing they can have easy access to their personal work files and stationery. Our finish options come in maple, natural oak, white to beech so they can suit different clients’ needs.

Versatility is a key feature for our products and this is central in our range of under desk mobile pedestals as you can choose from a mix of draw sets. Whether you need an office desk pedestal with two drawers or three, some slightly bigger than the others or narrower designs, our office pedestals will store your workers files easily and conveniently.

To find out more about our products and what would work best with your office design, contact us today.

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