9 great ways to personalise your office desks

Those of us confined to our office desks can end up spending a lot of time there; upwards of eight hours a day! Yet, we often don’t think to put our personal touches on them. Considering it’s almost a home away from home, it’s a good idea to personalise them and make them truly our own. Let’s talk about how we can do that.

1. Keepsakes and photos

When working, we always aim for the highest level of productivity, as we all want to get the jobs done to the best of our ability and with as much efficiency as possible. With that, it’s all about staying motivated. What better way to motivate us than to remind ourselves why we do what we do day in, day out?

At times, when our motivation dips, or if things get stressful and difficult, having a keepsake or photo of our loved ones nearby can get us smiling again. In fact, a photo could be of anything, not just of people, as in a funny memory, a place, a view or even your favourite TV show character. Looking over at something that’s cherished once in a while can keep us going at work. 

2. Unique and fun stationery

Stationery doesn’t have to be dull. A great way to personalise your office desk is to surround yourself with quirky stationery and office essentials that reflect your personality. So, you’re 30 and you love unicorns, so what? As they say, you’re only as young as you feel. If you want to get a mouse mat, sharpener and pencil collection that all show vibrant colours, unicorns and glittery designs, then go for it. This is where you spend so much of your time to do all your hard work, why not personalise things and make yourself happier. Whether it be bright colours, quirky prints, niche brands or colour-coordinated, your stationery’s style can reflect you, brighten your day and even motivate you with improved organisation.  

3. Stickers and skins

To really put your stamp on your desk and even your laptop or computer, you can decorate them with stickers and skins. Laptop skins are a brilliant way to show off your personality and style. There are skins you can get for your headphones, phone, tablet, speakers, and even drones. It’s about time we got more funky office desks, and with stickers and skins, you can add your personal touch to all sorts of office accessories

4. Desk planners and diaries

Desk planners, calendars and diaries can be life-savers, especially when your schedule’s getting hectic. With your own desk planner, you can be on top of all that life has to throw at you. Errands, reminders, to-do lists, shopping lists and task notes can all be in one place. Sometimes work and life can be hard to separate; so a personal diary, calendar and planner can do wonders for your organisation and productivity. 

5. Adding a touch of nature

Bringing the outdoors in can lift our moods. The positive benefits of plants indoors are endless. From helping alleviate stress and increasing productivity, to helping clean the air and improve people’s wellbeing, plants - whether on our desk or near to us - keep us in touch with nature. It’s also another way to personalise our work spaces. Having something we can nurture from our desks, something we can keep an eye on, helps us with our motivation and overall sense of satisfaction. Plants in the office also form part of a more eco-friendly workplace - and there's a range of green office ideas to help inspire you.

6. Having a chair that’s comfortable for you

Spending lots of time in a sedentary position doesn’t do our health any good. In fact it can do serious damage and even increase our chances of premature mortality. Alongside taking regular breaks and increasing movement, it’s crucial you get the correct office seating in place. Ergonomic chairs are perfect for helping with our posture, for lumbar support and for correcting positions to our screens. Make sure you can adjust the height to work for your desk set-up; you don’t want to be causing eye strain. 

7. Whiteboards, notice boards and sticky notes

You can get cute little noticeboards and whiteboards these days; another great way to personalise your office space. Sticky notes on your walls, in books and documents can remind you of goals, tasks and important information. Find some that fit your style. You may even give yourself tasks that are fun for the day on your whiteboard with a little picture to make your working days more exciting. 

8. Desk puzzles and games

For those times when we get stressed or brain fog sets in, a break with a puzzle or game to stimulate our brains can work wonders. Not only can they take us away from a problem-focused task for a while, they can get our cogs working again, and when we come back to a problem, we may have a different approach or even a eureka moment. 

9. Snack station

A great, motivating fuel for us is snacks! Your desk could be the envy of all desks with a goody tray or snack station. A sugar hit could be just what you need in an afternoon slump (all in moderation, of course). You can also use them as rewards for getting things ticked off on your to-do list.

Personalising your office desks can be a fun task; you can be as creative and imaginative as you want, whatever makes your working days more enjoyable and productive for you. You just need the perfect office desk for you, that’s where we’ve got you covered. Contact our friendly team today for help with choosing the right one.