5 reasons to try dynamic office seating

Great office furniture is essential for ensuring the productivity and comfort of your employees. In fact, research from the University of Southern California found that the right office chair can increase productivity by 17.5%. To avoid a poor office setup, it's important to do plenty of research into the best furniture and office seating supplier for your workplace. If you’re not sure what to look for in an office chair, here are 5 reasons why dynamic office seating could be a great fit for you.

1. Easier movement around working space

Dynamic office seating, such as executive office chairs with wheels, promotes the recommended dynamic seating position. It also ensures that employees are not constantly overreaching and enables them to work more efficiently within their desk area and designated working space. Employees do not have to move their whole body to reach items, but can move from side to side without putting excess pressure on their lower back area.

Most dynamic chair models have a synchronised reclining mechanism that allows employees to move without restriction. As we’ll discuss further, this can help alleviate the problem of poor posture and minimise the potential issues associated with a sedentary work space. Employees can also adjust the height on most dynamic office chairs so that the user's feet are flat on the floor and their knees are at a 90 degree angle to benefit blood flow.

2. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is a science concerned with the ‘fit’ between people and their work. It puts people first, taking account of their capabilities and limitations. Sitting at a desk for hours every day can have damaging effects on employees’ physical health. 

So, it’s paramount that you choose office seating which is ergonomic and caters to all of your employees’ needs. An ergonomic office chair will have adjustable settings so that it can be personalised to each employee. Most will also feature lumbar support and back tilt, all of which are essential for helping with back pain at work.

As well as adjustable chairs, height adjustable desks are the perfect companion for your dynamic office seating. There are many benefits of standing desks, but why not enjoy the best of both worlds? With perfect seating as well as the option for employees to stand, productivity in your workplace will be driven through the roof.

3. Enhanced comfort

As important as it is that your office seating promotes good posture, a chair that’s also comfortable will go a long way in boosting office morale. Having wheels on the base of a chair provides a stable foundation, resulting in better balance whilst working. A nice, sturdy chair will always feel much more comfortable, allowing employees to relax.

You might be wondering why it’s important for employees to be comfortable at their desks. Think about it this way - employees sitting in an uncomfortable chair are likely to need more breaks away from their desk. If workers are able to sit in their chairs comfortably for longer periods of time, they’ll get more work done in the long run. 

However, sometimes employees might want 10 minutes away from their desk simply for a change of scenery. For this reason, providing a breakout space with some soft office seating is a great way to provide more comfortable seating and encourage productive work breaks.

4. Make the most of your space

If your office doesn't have much space, then the last thing you want is rigid furniture that can’t be easily moved. Dynamic seating can be effortlessly moved anywhere in the office to create some extra floor space wherever you need it - no need for heavy lifting. This is handy if you want to rearrange your office seating plan or to gather a quick meeting.

For those of you really wanting to maximise your office space, multifunctional furniture also allows you to adapt to any situation. Lots of our executive office chairs are also multipurpose - opt for a chair without armrests for maximum versatility. Although armrests are great for comfort, seating without armrests is best for space saving as they can be easily slotted under any office desk.

5. Follow in the footsteps of geniuses

If you weren’t already convinced by the benefits of dynamic office seating, this should do the trick. Even renowned biologist Charles Darwin wanted more from his office chair - in the 1840s he put wheels on the chair in his study. This DIY project allowed Darwin to reach the specimens in his study more quickly. It’s not certain whether this nifty chair contributed to Darwin’s evolutionary theory, but just think of the things your employees could achieve with similar seating solutions.

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable office seating supplier, you’ve come to the right place. From meeting pods to canteen seating, we have a wide and varied supply of office furniture. Get in touch with our team for expert advice on what will work best for you.