Why employees should stay active in the office

Many employees and employers alike may struggle to find things to do to stay active in the office. Luckily, our detailed blog post explains many different ways to stay fit with a desk job. Armed with the know-how, you might be wondering why it’s important to encourage employees to stay active on the job. If you’re looking for reasons to teach employees how to stay active in the office, keep reading.

1) Less absences

In 2021, 149.3 million working days were lost to illness in the UK. Sitting down all day at a desk isn’t the healthiest of habits for your employees, which contributes to more sick days taken. Being active in the office is a stimulating way to keep fit and boost the immune system, meaning employees can fight off illness quicker. Plus, an active workplace may be more appealing to some employees, meaning they’ll want to come into work. Of course, activity shouldn’t be forced onto employees who do not wish to, as this may actually discourage people from coming in. Gentle encouragement without any pressure to be active is the perfect solution to reduce absenteeism.

2) Reduced presenteeism

Although many employers may focus on preventing sick days, presenteeism is also a concern that staying active can help with. Presenteeism is when employees show up for work whilst ill, negatively affecting productivity since they’re not feeling their best. Ensuring that employees stay active in the workplace can help to prevent presenteeism, as they’re less likely to just be staring at a screen all day. 

A sit-stand desk can help to keep a handle on presenteeism, as it keeps employees on their feet. Sitting down all day has a negative effect on health and productivity, which is why a sit-stand desk can come in handy. Plus, it gives employees the choice to change up their workstyle depending on how they’re feeling. Read our guide to standing desks if this sounds like it could be of use to you.

3) Improved employee health and wellbeing

A content and active employee is much more likely to produce outstanding work than someone who is suffering from career burnout and a sedentary lifestyle. Daily exercise is recommended for a healthy lifestyle, so encouraging this inside the office helps employees to stay active if they may not have time outside of working hours. Plus, exercise is great for the mental health and wellbeing of your employees, promoting a more positive workforce. Poor mental health costs UK employers up to £45 billion per year - further incentive to keep employees both mentally and physically well.

4) Help the environment

Being active in the office means walking on lunch breaks, or embracing the idea of walking meetings. If employees walk to get their lunch, they won’t be driving, which is a huge plus for the environment. Activities that keep you fit, such as walking and cycling, are an incredibly sustainable mode of transport. This benefits the environment and can help to create a sustainable business model that’s in line with your values.

5) Cut down on losses

Research has found that between 2-16% of salaries are spent on absences each year. To cut down costs and keep on top of your company’s finances, it helps to prevent absences caused by illness. This is why encouraging employees to stay fit in the office can actually save you money in the long run. What’s more, you don’t need to spend money to keep your team happy and healthy. Simply walking more or doing some quick, simple exercises in the office can make all the difference. So, there’s no need to kit out your office with a gym or any expensive equipment!

6) Improved productivity and creative output

Staying active gets your blood pumping and encourages you to move around. In turn, this can promote creativity and productivity - an active body is an active mind! One study discovered that those who exercise regularly perform much better on creativity tests than those who don’t. So, if you want to encourage your team to think outside the box and spark exciting new ideas, consider promoting an active office culture. 

Interested in office desks and seating solutions that will encourage your employees to stay active and healthy? Our team is more than happy to help - get in touch to learn more.