How to settle in at a new job

There’s no rush quite like that of accepting a new job. The prospects and possibilities laid at your feet can be exciting and exhilarating. But it’s not uncommon for the thrill to wear off a little, and once it does, it’s entirely natural to be left feeling a little bit nervous and anxious about the prospect of settling in somewhere new. But don’t worry! We can help guide you through this rollercoaster of emotions that come hand-in-hand with starting at a different company. This is an inspiring time in your life, so embrace it and you’ll be making a name for yourself in no time. To that end, here are our seven top tips on how to settle in at a new job and ace your new role. 

1. Stay positive

It may sound like a tip you read after cracking open a fortune cookie, but we believe that cookie speaks words of wisdom in this situation. There’ll be a lot of info headed your way on your first few days and weeks, including a lot of new names and faces, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But remember that this is a good change in your life, so keep your chin up and it’ll help with every challenge you face!

2. Be yourself

Sound like you’ve opened a second fortune cookie? Maybe, but when you enter a new environment it’s incredibly tempting to try and act like someone you’re not in order to fit in with those around you. While it’s important to stay professional, try not to change who you are too much. After all, the company hired you to be you and because they thought you’d fit in with their culture. Being yourself makes it easier to build real and lasting relationships with your co-workers.

3. Be punctual

This one is extra important. One thing employers look for and value very highly is punctuality. It’s alright being on time for your interview, but you need to keep it up in the long run too. Of course, there are exceptions such as personal emergencies and unforeseen traffic accidents - make sure you call ahead to let them know - but why not do some test drives and figure out alternative routes just in case disaster strikes?

4. Build a rapport with colleagues and your boss

When you’re in a brand new environment surrounded by brand new people, it’s easy to retreat into your shell and become a bit introverted. But it’s important that you do the opposite, put yourself out there and network with your new colleagues as much as possible. Try going up to people and introducing yourself rather than waiting for them to open up the conversation. Ask them what their role is, what they do on a day-to-day basis and see where things go from there.With your boss, you need to remember that good relationships and strong rapport doesn't happen overnight. Your new manager may do things slightly different to what you’re used to. No two managers are the same and it’s going to take some time for you to get used to one another. Start by extending an invitation for coffee or lunch to ensure that you’re both on the same page and understand what is expected of you. Don’t be afraid to take charge and make suggestions on your work goals or objectives; they’ll be more impressed than anything!

5. Offer to help

Of course you’ll have your own workload to contend with, and you’ll want to focus on impressing those around you by nailing your daily tasks, but it never hurts to offer to do something outside of your own remit. Lending a helping hand to colleagues in your own and other departments is a fantastic way to brush up on old and new skills, get involved with different projects and, most importantly, it shows everyone around you that you are a team player.

6. Take notes

You know that brand new notepad you bought especially for your new job? Don’t be shy, we know you splurged. Well put it to good use from your very first day and take it with you everywhere you go. You’ll be bombarded with information and it’s understandable that you might forget a thing or two so don’t be afraid to jot things down. Everything from tidbits about the company’s history to names and job titles, it’ll all come in handy later down the line. 

7. Immerse yourself in culture

We don’t mean heading out to a museum, but rather take the time to immerse yourself in the company’s culture. This has become more important than ever in the modern workplace, and it’s important that you and the culture get along well. Use the first few days and weeks of your job to absorb everything about the company and your new environment. Look at the company’s website, check out their Glassdoor profile and social media, and speak to those who have been there longer to find out more. But remember, it’s ok for you to experience a bit of a culture shock. Everything will be different to you from the role and tasks, to your boss and the people around you. As we said earlier, you were hired because they thought you were a good fit, and that includes culture-wise. So stay positive, embrace the new challenges that face you and, most importantly, be patient. Settling in takes time!