Reception Counters are the Face of Your Business

The reception area of an office or business represents how people will view your company. They will form an opinion based on what the reception area looks like and one of the most important items within the reception is the reception desk or reception counter.There are a number of reception counter option s available and so choosing one can be extremely difficult. They can be made from wood, glass and even steel but it isn’t just the material which they are made from which can often be confusing but it is also the choice of shapes and sizes too!

What should you look for a reception counter?

It is important that your reception area looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye however; a reception desk which looks good might not be all that practical. You need to combine aesthetic appearance with utility since the reception is going to be someone’s working area whereby a receptionist will carry out many important tasks.First impressions count! You will never get a second change to make a first impression and thus when designing your workplace you should seek advice from a professional. DBI Furniture Solutions offer services in space planning and design using CAD which means you can have 2D and 3D layouts presented to you as possible solutions and you can choose which one you like or make alterations until you are happy with the design.DBI Furniture Solutions can provide you with a whole reception interior fit out which is tailored to your requirements. We have a wide selection of office furniture and as mentioned have a full range of services which you can take advantage of because we do more than just your standard office desks! Our after sales support service is second to none which means we will be on hand to help should you need information regarding your new office furniture.

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