How to hot desk properly


How to hot desk properly

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a working trend where – instead of having an assigned workstation – workers take whatever desk is free and work from there. This could be in a standard office setting or in a co-working space.

The concept of hot desking has skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple of years. With post-pandemic remote working still on the rise, hot desks have become a favourite for employees and employers alike. Designated desks and workstations are a thing of the past; hot desks now provide a work space that is shared by multiple people. Not only is this a sustainable way to use office space, it offers staff a flexible working environment. 

How does hot desking work?

Hot desks can either be used within your office, in a separate co-working space or as a bookable service for freelancers and remote workers. When you choose the latter, desks can be booked online through various sites by those working from home or by employers to create a rotation of the staff physically coming into the office. It’s not only desks that are bookable or available as part of the hot desking scheme, these can also be meeting rooms or enclosed work spaces that offer a bit more privacy if you fancy mixing up your face-to-face meetings. 

How to introduce a hot desk into your office

Implementing a hot desking system into your office may take some adjustments for your staff. The most important part of hot desking is introducing a rota or schedule for staff, this allows people to choose their workplace and gives employees control over their work-life balance. Providing each hot desk with accessories such as plugs and other necessities is vital to a perfect hot desk.

Hot desking etiquette

Sharing desks or work spaces can sometimes get intense, especially if your business has not implemented a proper hot desking policy. Keep in mind the dos and don’t of hot desking: keep the space clean and tidy, don’t store anything in or on the desk after use, and be considerate of other employees. Proper etiquette will make the whole process run much smoother.

Keeping a work space tidy is known to improve productivity by 10% so this is a sure way of upping efficiency and creating the ideal hot desk. 

Advantages of hot desking

Thinking about bringing hot desking to your office? When it comes to hot desking there are many advantages:

  • It maximises and utilises office space to its full potential. No more wasted office space
  • Hot desks create improved collaboration and communication between workers in an office, and bookable hot desks also create a diverse environment between professionals
  • Those who don’t want to work from home or those requiring flexible hours can take control
  • Hot desking doesn’t scrimp on facilities, with high-standard office desks being a big part of the hot desk trend

Disadvantages of hot desking

Hot desking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and – as with any working system – there’s a few disadvantages to consider:

  • Not everyone likes sharing a desk with multiple people, and some prefer having their own space when going into the office
  • When it comes to providing hot desk facilities, not all staff can be accommodated for – something you need to consider
  • If your company deals with sensitive info or requires a bit more privacy and structure, then hot desking may disrupt this

Hot desking properly can bring fun and creativity into your office. So, if you think hot desks could be something new and fresh to introduce into your office, and you need some new workspace furniture, why not contact us?