How to love Mondays

Let’s face it. Sometimes Mondays ask a little too much of us. Back to work anxiety on a Sunday evening is a feeling that we’re all familiar with, even if you love your job, and it’s totally normal. Counting down the hours on Sunday, wishing the weekend wasn’t over...There must be a better way, and there is! With just a little bit of preparation and mental fortitude, you can break the ‘I hate Mondays’ cycle and give every day that Friday feeling. Let us help you love Mondays again.

It starts with the weekend

  1. Don’t work

Easier said than done? With the majority now having our work emails pinging directly to our phones, the temptation to be on the clock when you’re out of the office is greater than ever. Unless you absolutely have to, we’d recommend disconnecting your work account from Friday night to Monday morning. Or, if you just can’t stay away, allow yourself to check at set times of the day only - for example when the kids have gone to bed.
  1. Disconnect to reconnect

Time flies when you’re on your phone. It’s easy to get lost in the virtual world; sucked in by texts, emails, calls and social media. Even if we’re not endlessly scrolling, notifications can be pinging left, right and centre causing us to pick them up multiple times an hour. Disconnecting from your device is the best way to reconnect with those around you, so try setting your phone so that only urgent notifications are allowed to make a noise. That way if you’re interrupted, you’ll know it’s important.And with all that free time you’ll have, use it to be with your loved ones as much as possible. During the week, our time is taken up by work, the school run, cooking and errands, so why not set aside weekend time to be with those who really matter?
  1. Prep for Monday

No doubt one of the things that makes Mondays seem more painful is how much we have to do. Do your future-self a favour and do as much as possible the night before. Avoid the temptation to head out for lunch and spending more than you need to by preparing a healthy meal the night before - it also gives you something to look forward to!Choose your outfit the night before and hang it up outside your wardrobe. That way you only decision you need to make is which shower gel to use.
  1. Get the rest you need

Sometimes you just need some down time, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Today’s “hustle” society makes us feel like we have to be on the go all the time; if we’re not being productive then it’s a waste of energy. And that’s just not true. Relaxing and looking after ourselves is just as important as being on the move.Give yourself permission to switch off a little bit. It could be watching a film on a lazy Sunday afternoon, or going for a walk in the sunshine with your family. Forget about the demands of your job, and truly relax. You’ll feel better for it come Monday.And there’s nothing wrong with an early night on a Sunday!

On the big day

  1. Start as you mean to go on

We’ve already talked about temptation, but this time in comes in the form of the glorious snooze button. While it may feel good to get that extra five minutes of rest, how much rest are you actually getting? Set your alarm to go off at a reasonable time that means you’ve gotten plenty of sleep overnight but also have enough time to get everything done in the morning. Maybe even put your alarm on the other side of the room so you have to get out of bed to switch it off.
  1. Enjoy your commute

Whether you drive or take public transport, your commute to and from work is valuable time that you won’t get back. So instead of getting angry at the traffic or shouting in your head at the leaves on the track, why not use your time productively? Call your parents - you know it’s been a while - or listen to an audiobook or podcast. Plug in your headphones on the bus or set it up in your car before you start driving, and actually enjoy your commute rather than hating it. It’ll help you arrive at the office in a better mood too.
  1. Prioritise your day

After a couple of days off, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed when you sit down at your desk on Mondays and look at your email inbox or to do list. Instead of feeling anxious or panicking, take a deep breath and prioritise what absolutely has to get done - what’s your biggest and most important task of the day? Instead of avoiding it, rip the plaster off and get it over and done with. Work through your list one at a time and get through what you can in the hours that you have.Of course, it’s only standard that you should have a mug of your favourite tea or coffee while sat at your new office desk as you write your to do list. Trust us, it’ll help.