Guide to modular office furniture

What is modular office furniture?

Office furniture can come in all colours, shapes and sizes - often, finding the right style of furniture for your office space can be difficult. This is where modular office furniture comes in extremely handy. Modular office furniture can be moved around and rearranged, meaning no built-in or rigid furniture within your space. This is great for small offices or for businesses who enjoy switching up their layout from time to time. Modular office furniture can be anything from desks to office storage. Essentially, modular office furniture can stand alone to create a productive area for independent work, or it can be seamlessly rearranged to form a collaborative workspace when needed. 

What are the benefits of modular office furniture?

Now that you know what modular office furniture is, let’s discuss some of the benefits. Keep reading for 5 benefits of implementing modular office furniture into your office design.

1) A flexible office space

Having modular office furniture in your workspace provides extra flexibility to your office layout and the way employees use your office space. Having a flexible workspace has been shown to improve productivity, and is much more attractive to both new and existing employees. Because modular furniture can be rearranged and repurposed to your heart’s content, having a flexible office space has never been easier. You might want to try some away from the desk modular units, which can be used as individual workstations or be arranged together for a group workspace. This is great for giving employees the choice of how they wish to work, and is helpful for trialling new ways of working within your office.

2) It looks attractive and modern

Everyone wants an office that looks good and helps employees feel ready for the work day ahead. Most offices choose a modern aesthetic that can boost productivity and prevent a cluttered, messy environment. Modular office furniture is perfect for this - modular units slot together to create a seamless, finished look in your office. However, this doesn’t mean that all modular office furniture has to be minimalist. Why not try a modular senator play planter, which combines efficient storage solutions with playful colours and plenty of room for greenery? Whether you want to create a biophilic office or a calming office reception, modular office furniture provides a stylish and practical solution for offices of any size and shape.

3) Improved communication and collaboration

Because modular office furniture can be arranged in any way you like, it’s adaptable to businesses of all sizes. If your business has grown over the years and you find yourself needing a larger area for group conversations and collaboration, then a modular seating system is perfect. Modular office seating can be expanded whenever you need it to be, simply by adding an additional unit. This means that your collaborative spaces can be extended over time without mismatching furniture or an incohesive look. 

Modular desks can also be placed together or separately, depending on the needs of your workplace. These senator play tables come with wheels, meaning your office seating plan can be easily adapted within minutes, ready to tackle the tasks of the day. Whether your employees prefer to work alone or together, modular office furniture gives them the flexibility to choose - and makes it easier for when they need to collaborate.

4) Great value for money

Modular office furniture can be repurposed in so many ways, which is why it is such great value for money. What once was an individual workstation can have extra modular units added to it, creating a space for multiple employees to work at once. Modular office storage is also incredibly versatile, as units can be rearranged in many different ways whilst still looking amazing. The senator play storage collection features everything from locker units to media units, which can be used in any way you like. What’s more, when purchasing from a trustworthy office furniture supplier, all modular office furniture will be high quality, long lasting products that give you the best return on your investment.

5) Ergonomics

Good office ergonomics are incredibly important for any workplace, and modular office furniture is just one great way of ensuring the comfort of employees. Modular office furniture is both attractive and functional, both of which are important factors in designing an ergonomic space. An ergonomic task armchair can be paired with your modular desking unit to create a comfortable and healthy seating arrangement for employees. Additionally, this boundary modular seating system has upright back support, so visitors and employees can remain comfortable even in more casual settings.

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