How to fix a squeaky office chair

There is nothing more annoying within an office for both you and your work colleagues than a squeaky office chair that makes that disruptive sound every time you move. Especially when you're trying to do your work at your perfect office desk! You can fix this however, and it will only take a few minutes to do so - plus your work colleagues will be grateful for the quietness!

1. Locate where the creak is coming from

Firstly, what you need to do is to kneel down beside the office chair and then move it just as you would when you were sat on it. Listen out for the creak and try and locate where it is coming from. In our experience, the majority of the time the chair will be creaking because of the swivel mechanism around the wheelbase, the sides and the back of the chair.

2. Apply lubricant

Next, when you have located where the creak is, then you need to apply a small amount of specialised spray lubricant such as WD-40 to that part of the chair; make sure you have a cloth handy to be used to wipe away any excess lubricant and to prevent the lubricant from staining the upholstery of the office chair. Look for a lubricant which is a spray one and one which contains a fine-tip nozzle, as this makes it easier to get the spray exactly where you want it - the direct area causing the creaking.

3.  Move the chair to work the lubricant

Thirdly, move the chair backwards and forth a few times in order to work the lubricant into the swivel mechanism, then leave it to sit like this for a few minutes. Test your chair to see if it is squeaking still, but hopefully it won't be.In the unfortunate event that you're still lumped with a squeaky office chair, then apply another coat of lubricant to the affected area(s). If the problem still persists, then try applying the lubricant to the surrounding joins and areas to see if this works.This should solve the problem but if not, maybe it’s time you renewed your office furniture to treat your staff both to a quieter, less frustrating workplace and an updated, comfier one.

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