Creating an office space like a pro

Whatever the business, having a well-designed and properly defined office space is one of the key factors in helping to make a business or company successful. But, especially if you're a brand new business and have just bought your first office, creating an office space can seem daunting. Whether you are brand new or just need an update, we've got you covered. We are experts in the field after all.

What first impression do you want to give?

So, to begin with, first impressions are everything, and this is so true when it comes to office space! The office area needs to look professional but suited to your company ethos and brand. Although it needs a professional feel, you can afford to be experimental, quirky or more cosy with your office design, it's all about the impression you want to give off and being in line with your brand.From the initial entrance, you should make visitors feel comfortable. Maybe you need a reception area with soft seating solutions and an inviting atmosphere.When a visitor or customer is invited from the reception area to the meeting room or office area, it’s important that this is well designed and looks impressive too, whilst keeping in line with your brand. Reception sofas can be colourful, neutral and come in a range of styles to suit the venue or office tone.

Office design ideas for different sectors

  • Marketing agencies and creative businesses: Quirky, arty and bright colours. Wall and stencil art. Beanbags and comfy, colourful office sofas.
  • Finance and accountants: Office pods, cosy feel, and multifunctional furniture. Mathematical wall art.
  • Hospitality: Coffee tables, lockers and a hygge design. Inspiring quotes framed.
  • Retail: Breakout canteen tables, social areas, with a pop of colour. Humorous wall art.
  • Medical: A bit more of a clinical feel and minimalist design. Neutral tones and longer tables. Waiting areas with comfy seating, individual chairs and sofas.
  • Sales and telecoms: Bench desks, sit-stand desks and an inspiring, motivating feel in the office. Make sure cable management is good. You can afford to be quirky and brighter with the design.

Beginning office design

If you're just wanting an office update, you may want to get some ideas or feedback from staff. Either send out a poll and questions to share design ideas or have them write their own ideas on notes and make a suggestion box. Or, if you're more certain on what you want or you have a brand new business, use mood boards, colour palettes and note down necessities. The more you detail and visualise, the easier it'll be to convey what you want to office designers and for picking office furniture products.

Clearing the clutter

If you're having an office refresh, you should clear out clutter to make more room, or to simply rejig things around.  You should invest in storage solutions which will ensure that everything remains clean, tidy and free from clutter; this in turn will make your business look more appealing, professional and organised.

Creating a great office space for employees

Ensuring that your employees have the correct task and executive seating to work from is so important. You need to provide your staff with comfortable office desks and inspirational office space where they look forward to working in, feel comfortable in and are able to carry out work productively in.If you have a team environment within your office, then it's important that desking is arranged in a way which will aid communication between the team and that office space is designed efficiently to get the best use out of teams.Breakout areas bring a refreshing dynamic to a workspace and can help with staff morale by providing social spaces. Make sure to provide multifunctional, comfortable furniture. You may want some booths or office pods to help with breakout areas and to provide opportunities for mini meetings and collaborations.If you want to turn prospects into customers and clients of your business, then come and speak to DBI Furniture Solutions about the design of your office space and see what we can do for you today.For more information, please call us on 0845 683 0024 or email