CMS Mosso Lamp

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Please note that images on computer screens often distort the actual colours and you may wish to order a fabric card or wood sample if you want an accurate reflection of the finish.

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MOSSO™ Desk lamp features the latest in LEDs and an LED head that not only swivels up and down, but also twirls a full 360 degrees resulting in energy efficient, dimmable natural light in the positioning that you desire.

With a fully dimable control gear located by the LED head for ease of access, a finger slide gives the user ultimate flexibility to select a specific lamp brightness – slide your finger along the touchstrip to dim gradually, or touch anywhere on the strip to jump directly to any brightness, including off.

Mosso Light

LED Rated Lifespan: 50000 hours

Colour Temperature (Daylight): 5,000 K

Colour Temperature (Warm): 3,500 K

Colour Rendering Index (CRI): 85

Dimmer: Built-in touchstrip

Brightness Adjustability: Continuous

Colour Finish: Metallic Black, Silver, White

Material: Aluminium/Plastic

Cord Colour: Black

Cord Length: 9’

Energy Consumption: 10.5 watts

Number of LEDs: 42 LEDs

Max. Brightness (15” above desk): 153 fc

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