ABMDTS About Me – My Space Mobile Divider – MFC

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Please note that images on computer screens often distort the actual colours and you may wish to order a fabric card or wood sample if you want an accurate reflection of the finish.

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The impact of Covid 19 has challenged the conventions of the office building and will accelerate the implementation of different working styles. The role of the workplace will be just, if not more important, as its value is being demonstrated by its temporary removal. The My SPace Containment Screens have been developed to help with getting people back in the office.

Block potentially harmful virus transmission through talking, coughing and sneezing.

Mobile tall division storage that allows users to define their own space to physically demarcate social distance and give psychological comfort

Smooth MFC panels, that can be fully cleaned, with option to use anti bacterial materials that reduce the active life of the virus

Allows user to define their space

Allows the floor to be fully cleaned without having to touch personal bags / rucksacks

Can be installed immediately with no detriment to existing furniture and easily removed later when greater density of space required.

1500mm High x 400mm Wide x 1000mm Deep

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