5 reasons why your office needs a touchdown area

What is an office touchdown area?

Catering to the modern day worker has required a complete shift in the ‘regular’ office set-up, with rigid structures and cold cubicles now a thing of the past. With the introduction of hybrid working, flexible offices are encouraged, providing members of staff with the option to choose where they complete work tasks.

It’s been revealed that 74% of gen Z’s prefer face-to-face interaction with their colleagues, followed by baby boomers at 68%, and gen X’ers at 66% - with such a split between age ranges, the best way to provide for everyone is to provide a space that incorporates home comforts, whilst encouraging collaborative efforts. This is precisely why your office needs a touchdown area; an informal setting that aims to enhance worker satisfaction and productivity.

Reasons why your office needs a touchdown area

1) Adaptable workplace

An agile workplace is built on the premise that staff members should have the flexibility to complete any given task in the area they best see fit, allowing everyone to move freely about the office. Different ‘zones’ will be assigned to complete various different tasks, for example, a collaborative zone would be equipped with suitable furniture, such as breakout tables and breakout seating. Office relaxation rooms, on the other hand, would include plenty of comfortable office seating to support mindful activities. 

2) Enhance staff satisfaction

Being an informal and relaxing setting, touchdown areas are designed to bring home comforts into the workplace, providing staff with a comfortable space to complete their work. This can be achieved through warm lighting, magazine stands, biophilic office design, tea and coffee corners, and supportive office furniture where staff can sit back and reenergise.

3) Improve staff productivity

The ‘homeification’ of a workplace in the form of an office touchdown area will also improve your staff’s productivity; research conducted by the University of Warwick showed that happy employees are 12% more productive. Not only this, taking microbreaks has been scientifically proven to boost performance, so by providing your staff with a space to temporarily disconnect - such as a games room, office library or touchdown area - your business will end up benefiting in the long run. 

4) Improve work culture

Alongside providing staff with a space to take a step away from their desk, an office touchdown area could also improve work culture. Establishing set workplace ‘zones’ encourages social interaction, creating more opportunities for staff to bump into those who aren’t usually sat next to them. Remember, a business with an excellent office culture will be more likely to not only attract new talent, but you’ll have a better chance of retaining long-term employees - it’s a win-win. 

5) Overflow area during peak working hours

The hustle and bustle of a busy workplace can be a great motivator, however, if staff are beginning to feel like sardines in a tin, it might be time to start designing a touchdown area. This will free up space in other working areas, providing people with a comfortable - and spacious -  place to get their work done, without the possibility of being distracted by noise. 

If you’ve been inspired to incorporate an office touchdown area in your workplace, get in touch with our office fit out professionals today. We’ll have everything you need to kit out your space, so you can provide your staff with a place to work that’s both comfortable and stimulating.