Fun ways to welcome new employees to the team


Fun ways to welcome new employees to the team

After being awoken by an alarm set two hours too early, nervous butterflies consume your stomach as you try to manage a slice of toast. Overfilled brand new work bag in hand, you force your jelly legs to walk you to the train station to begin an unknown commute. 

Getting flashbacks to your first day at work? Pretty much everyone has experienced these nerves when beginning a new chapter. But how can you, the employer, make your new starter’s entrance that little bit easier, and most of all, fun? 

A snazzy new office desk

We would hope that, by your employee’s first day, you have an office desk ready and waiting for them. This is all well and good, but to go that extra mile and prove that you pull out all the stops for newbies, be sure to kit out the desk with plenty of accessories. A spot of decoration also wouldn’t go amiss, whether it’s simply a ‘yay, you’ve got a new job!’ card, complete with some fancy bunting and office desk plants, it’s sure to make a new starter feel valued. 

Welcome gifts

Nothing says welcome to the team like a specially selected gift, so play Santa and get shopping! You may need to do a spot of detective work before they start, so discreetly ask your new starter a few questions about their favourite colour, hobbies or their most loved chocolate bar before they join. 

If you’re looking for some more inspiration, a new job notebook is essential for anyone’s first day. Beat them to the purchase and select some fun stationery that’ll add some much needed personalisation to their office desk. 

Team lunch

What better way to welcome a new team member than a lunch date? It’s sure to prick up your other employees’ ears, and the relaxed atmosphere will be more likely to promote conversation. 

If you’re not much of a restaurant goer, you could always order in. Before you’re met with numerous shouts on what the chosen takeout should be, avoid any arguments and place the decision in the hands of your new starter. Their first day is a special occasion, so it’s only fair. 

Plan a day trip

Whether you prefer to get the drinks flowing, or you’d rather plan a spot of competitive mini golfing, organising a day trip is another example of creating a relaxed environment for your new employee. This is also a brilliant opportunity to sell your company culture, so letting your staff take a step away from the office every now and again to engage in social activities is guaranteed to bode well. 

Office icebreakers

Can office icebreakers ever not be cringey? Setting the wrong tasks could have an adverse effect, causing levels of awkwardness to rise rather than encouraging healthy chatter. Luckily, Hubspot has proven otherwise with their list of team building activities for strengthening co-worker relationships, minus the cheese. Here are a few of our favourites: 

  • Two truths and a lie: A classic. Ask your employees to come up with three facts about themselves, one of which is false. Co-workers will then have to work together to detect the fib. 
  • Pop Quiz: This is one fun way to get your employees’ minds ticking. Get the tunes on and host a music quiz, perhaps test everyone’s film knowledge, and don’t forget to include a few tough geographical questions. 
  • Who is it?: Similar to two truths and a lie, this ice breaker reveals hidden truths about your co-workers. Get staff to write an unexpected fact about themselves on a piece of paper, drop each into a hat and pull them out one by one. Everyone will then have to guess who’s guilty. 

Get prepared for staff onboarding and have a chat with our friendly team of office fit out experts today. We are happy to work around your preferences, to ensure that your employees have everything they need, both for their first day and for years to come.