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Our electronic mobile systems are the ultimate in high-density filing and storage, combining many state-of-the-art features to provide a stylish design for any location. At the simple press of a touch screen or by use of a remote controller, carriages can be moved to open at the desired location no matter what size or how heavily laden. Purpose designed software provides computer control of both the carriages and contents facilitating automatic aisle selection for multiple retrieval or storage routines, random storage and tracking.

Each Diamond Interiors system is bespoke and tailor-made to each client’s specific requirements, therefore, prices are not available on our website. Please contact us direct to obtain a quote for your specific requirements.


Access restiction (pin codes)

Integrated index module

Air circulation

Adjustable stopping distance

Integral lighting (optional)

Modular decorative end panels

8 Safety features, including autoblock


Linking to a database / InfoTrack software

Flexibility to store artefacts, paintings, etc.


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