Core Cluster – 4 Rectangular Desks Back to Back 1200w

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At the heart of Core is a single horizontal beam which provide a robust structure and a continuous fixing method for all furniture elements. Legs, screens, wire management, worksurfaces and accessories can be attached at any point along the beams regardless of the desk module, therefore saving a multitude of components.The system of attaching the beam anywhere provides the flexibility to position key furniture elements to suit specific functional and ergonomic requirements rather than in predetermined, regular intervals.

Additionally, by attaching all structural elements to the beams the workstation structure can be built with worksurfaces removed; providing easy access when laying power and data cables.

The flexibility designed into the structure allows Core to provide a comprehensive range of different applications. It can be specified as a simple rectangular desk or configured into multi-linked workstation clusters from 90º to 120º single piece desks. Through rectilinear planning bench style desking to wave and double wave can also be constructed. Core can accommodate a multitude of different layouts from a common set of components and without compromise.

Core has been developed to cause the minimum impact on the environment. The product has been designed for a maximum working life and whenever possible reclaimable materials are used. Core is up to 100% recyclable at the end of its useful life and is made from 55% recycled materials.

Bank of 4 desks back to back

Each desk is 1200 wide x 800 deep x 730 high

25mm MFC tops with 3mm edging

Core has the facility to add another desk easily without the obstruction of mid legs due to all the central legs being inset

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