6 office etiquette rules everyone should follow


6 office etiquette rules everyone should follow

Maintaining a happy workplace is the key to keeping productivity, motivation and – most importantly – staff retention at an all time high. When you’re around one another for the majority of the day, it’s easy for tensions amongst colleagues to rise as small habits begin to grind gears. But by remaining considerate of those around you and communicating a few office etiquette rules that best apply to your working environment, the day seems to run that little bit smoother. Get the positive vibes flowing and show off your company culture when clients pay a visit as we walk you through six office etiquette rules that everyone should follow. 

1) Keeping your office clean and tidy

With a UK study revealing that 63% of office workers get frustrated by their colleagues’ messy desks, it wouldn’t go amiss to treat your workplace as you would your own home – hopefully that’s clean and tidy. No one wants to start their day by staring down at a selection of mouldy coffee mugs or a pile of yesterday’s lunch napkins, so avoid the clutter by dedicating the last 10 minutes of your day to a spot of tidying. A clear space leads to a clear mind, so it’s worthwhile investing in an office storage cabinet to experience the real benefits that a spick and span workplace can bring.

2) Opting for open-communication

Avoid being named the office Karen and steer clear from sending passive aggressive emails, instead opting for respectful open-communication. As we mentioned previously, it’s inevitable that small things in the office will become an annoyance, but rather than gossiping about it, have a quick (friendly) chat with the culprit, without ruffling any feathers in the process. 

3) Breaking breakout room rules

The benefits of office breakout spaces are endless, providing a quiet corner either for lone working, or for engaging in a good old brainstorming session. However, be cautious to not make them your regular hangout spot. No one likes a hogger, so split your time evenly between your office desk and the breakout zone to allow some time for other employees to experience their advantages too. 

4) Welcoming new employees

Always be sure to welcome new employees to the team with open arms to make their first day that bit easier. Their first few weeks will act as a test to see if they can envisage themselves fitting into the company culture, so be friendly and chatty without also being nosey or too intense. To ease a new starter into the group, perhaps suggest going out for drinks or food to provide them with a comfortable environment to open up in. Who knows, they could well be your new office best friend! 

5) Meeting etiquette

Meetings will always be a part of working life, but during one-on-one sessions, do you often find that you’re easily distracted? If this is the case, leave your laptop, phone, or notepad on your desk and step into the meeting empty handed. Give the person talking your undivided attention to avoid appearing bored, plus, you’ll probably find that you’re more likely to retain the information this way.

6) Punctuality

This office etiquette rule isn’t one to be missed, and although you may think that turning up on time is a given, some people may need to be reminded. A late arrival may end up distracting the rest of the office, or it could cause delays to usual business operations. Of course, there may be a good reason why someone isn’t showing up on time, so arrange a private chat with them to see if there’s anything you can do to help. 

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