Design Your Office Space


Design Your Office Space

Now in the world of business it’s not about fitting in but rather it is about standing out in the crowd. It has never been a better time to think about space planning and design of your office to give yourself the edge on the competition!

Recently in the furniture industry we have been seeing a lot more companies choose more open floor plans for their office designs and more and more are choosing to have collaborative environments in the hope of growing their business and moving it into this new generation.

However, the debate comes about whether or not we should promote open office spaces where employees are encouraged to work in an open collaborative space or whether or not they would be much better with more private areas to work in.

Now this is a tough one and it is a question which we are frequently asked at DBI Furniture Solutions Ltd the Privacy VS Collaboration debate.

Privacy VS Collaboration

For the majority of us we have probably experienced both situations of being in an open plan office whereby group discussion is a regular occurrence but on the other hand we have probably all experienced the four walls and a door where we are isolated from other employees.

In argument against the more open plan office designs there is nothing worse than having a massive project to concentrate on and needing peace and quiet in order to concentrate but being in an open plan office environment whereby everyone is constantly talking and causing a disruption.

On the flipside though and in argument for more open plan office designs where the office desks are arranged to promote communication amongst employees could be more beneficial where two heads are better than one and in some industries it requires a whole team to reach one end goal and significant achievements.

DBI Furniture Solutions Ltd would like to know what your thoughts are on the Privacy VS Collaborative office design debate. Are you a business owner who has tried both and has found one to be more beneficial than the other?

Why not send us in your pictures of your current office designs and we will showcase some of the best on our website. What works for you and your business?

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