DBI Supports Bring Your Dog to Work Day


DBI Supports Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Come 23 June, businesses across the UK have the chance to welcome a dog into their office. No, this isn’t some radical new hiring experiment. 23 June marks Bring Your Dog to Work Day, which celebrates canine wellbeing and aims to improve how dogs are treated around the world.
Founded by HOWND, a provider of ethical dog-grooming products, Bring Your Dog to Work Day looks to shake up UK offices with some exciting new recruits.
How will a new starter affect the workplace chemistry? Will they gel immediately or take a little time to integrate?

What do the public think?

We recently conducted a survey that took the question to the UK public. We asked what kinds of traits an employee desires most from their colleagues, and this is what they said…


Clearly, honesty is high on our agenda, with 36.7% voting. We all want a co-worker who’d own up to making a mistake rather than burying the evidence (remind you of anyone?)
Honesty was closely followed by hard-working colleagues, with 27.3% of the vote. Think you know a pooch who will go back and forth to fetch that stick? Invite them into your office for a day! Persistence is an invaluable trait and will no doubt inspire your employees.
Loyalty, arguably the defining trait of our canine friends, saw a 16.8% upvote. In the workplace loyalty goes a long way and can mean the difference between retaining your employees in the long run and losing them to your competitors.

Who should you employ?

Inviting a new employee into your ranks can be touch-and-go. Will your new recruit cower in the corner or bark orders from the word go? It’s hard to tell.
Personalities in the workplace is something DBI Furniture Solutions have dealt with recently – you can read our previous post here.
Yes, recruitment can be a long and difficult road. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a few job profiles for you to look at. The following candidates have all been vetted and are ready for an immediate start in the job…

Jack Russell




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