8 reasons to choose office booth seating


8 reasons to choose office booth seating

Office seating booths can come in all shapes, sizes and colours, meaning they’ll fit perfectly with any office aesthetic. From single seating booths to group meeting pods, there’s an option for any workplace. Keep reading for eight fantastic reasons to choose office booth seating in your workplace.

1) Privacy

Privacy can be important in an office setting, whether this is for important meetings or for independent work. Whatever the needs of your business, office booth seating can add extra privacy in a multitude of ways. For meetings that don’t need to be overheard by the entire office, a four seat booth makes the perfect place to hold your discussion. Or, if there are no rooms available, a two seat booth is ideal for a one-on-one chat.

2) Enhanced concentration

There are many benefits of an open plan office design, however sometimes employees may want to simply crack on with their work without the distraction of other conversations within the office. Adding a focus booth gives employees the option to move to a more private area to get their work done away from their coworkers. These can accommodate one, two or three people, so you can decide how many booth spaces are needed for your office. 

3) Affordability

When it comes to furnishing and decorating your office space, price is often at the forefront of your mind. Luckily, office booths and pods provide an affordable way to create stylish and productive workspaces for employees. Implementing office booth seating in your workplace is much cheaper than creating new rooms, whilst still breaking up your office into different spaces. Plus, many office seating booths can be rearranged, so you have multiple office seating plans at your fingertips for the price of a couple of booths.

4) Flexibility

Recently, there has been a rise in the number of businesses implementing a flexible workspace. So, the more variety that your office seating provides, the more freedom employees have when choosing their work style for that particular day. Whilst office booth seating can provide great collaborative spaces, it also allows for quiet space in the office too. Using office seating booths will help you to create different areas within the office, so employees have more flexibility and freedom.

Office booth seating also affords flexibility to the business as a whole – this furniture can be easily rearranged and moved from location to location. Whether upsizing or downsizing, office booth seating is simple to arrange into any layout you require. 

5) Office hygiene

Office hygiene is very important, especially in recent years with the threat of Coronavirus. If someone is ill but still needs to come into the office, then they might choose to sit in a single person booth. This makes it easier to contain the spread of any bugs, protecting the health of other employees. Office booth seating is perfect for social distancing in the office when you might have limited space or options. Just be sure to keep any office furniture thoroughly sanitised if someone in the office is unwell.

6) Easy installation

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade your office space, then installing office booth seating may be the ideal solution. With much less money, space, and time needed than for a meeting room, installing office booth seating is a great alternative. Plus, if you rent your office space, then you won’t need to worry about getting landlord approval for making any permanent changes to the space. This means you can also take your office furniture with you if you decide to change locations, saving you money.

7) Impressive design

There’s no denying the practicality of office seating booths, but they also look amazing in your office. Office design can have a huge impact on the mood and productivity of employees, so it’s essential to think this through carefully. Whatever colour scheme or aesthetic you choose for your office, there’s booth seating to complement any workplace aesthetic. With customisable fabrics and finishes, you can avoid mismatched office furniture, instead choosing a look that flawlessly complements your workplace 

8) Reduced noise levels

With many workplaces still relying on online calls in order to meet with clients or employees, noise reduction in a busy office is important. Having booths can massively reduce how much sound travels through your office, meaning calls won’t be interrupted by background noise and distractions. Employees can quickly step away from the hustle and bustle of the office to take calls in a more private space, improving the quality of online communication. 
Is office booth seating right for you? We have a large range of office furniture that can work perfectly alongside or apart from office seating booths. Check out our office storage and office accessories for some new, trendy additions to your workspace. Contact us to see how we can help.