Six of the best office plants to brighten up your workplace


Six of the best office plants to brighten up your workplace

You may have heard about the presence of plants in the workplace actually boosting productivity – yes, that’s right, a study found a 15% increase in productivity with the addition of just a few houseplants – but which ones suit your work space? We’ve handpicked the best office plants to brighten up your workplace to keep employees happy. 

1. Brighten up with Bromeliads


Flowering all year round, bromeliads are a long-lasting plant that inspire with their bright and vibrant colours. They’re easy to look after as they don’t require a lot of care, only a little maintenance to begin with to help them bloom. Once the flowers appear, they only need occasional watering and thrive in bright, indirect sunlight or dappled shade.

2. Dracaena


With lemon-lime, bright green, yellow and white leaves, this plant will make for a beautiful biophilic feature in the office. Its long, arching and wide-spreading leaves give a more naturalistic vibe with a unique multi-stem style. It needs bright, indirect light to retain its vibrancy and shouldn’t be overwatered, as this can cause leaf tips to blacken. When looked after, this plant is brilliant for cleaning the air by filtering airborne toxins.

3. Cacti

Funky moon cacti

Perfect for indoors, the funky moon cactus can certainly bring joy, just look at those quirky, colourful tips! Such a unique plant, this can go on your employees’ office desks or around reception areas – wherever could do with a touch of colour. They just need bright shade with one to two hours of slanted sunlight with watering every two weeks.

4. Peace Lily

Peace Lily

A popular, tropical plant, the Peace Lily can look great on your coffee tables. Creating a calm and soothing atmosphere, the sight of this wonderful plant alone can increase happiness. Its crisp white flowers have great longevity that appear in the spring, and the plant can thrive in a variety of light conditions; just avoid direct light in the summer. Regular misting to raise humidity and weekly watering will nurture it perfectly. 

5. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy

Requiring very little sunlight, the Gerbera Daisy can survive in heavily shaded areas, making them ideal for darker offices that struggle with natural lighting. Plus, the vibrant colours of the flowers are perfect for adding a touch of brightness to your workplace. Other reasons why this plant works brilliantly for the office is because they are small and compact – so are easy to fit around and can personalise your office desks – they come in a wide range of colours to suit your office colour scheme, and purify the air.

6. Ficus Benjamina

Ficus Benjamina

Also known as the Weeping Fig, the Ficus Benjamina works great as a centrepiece plant or as a fixture for the corner of the office, boardroom or waiting area – particularly next to an office armchair. They are praised for their air-purifying and wellbeing-boosting qualities. Make sure to keep them away from cold drafts from windows and doors as they can harm them, and place them in bright, indirect light. They will need watering when the top two inches of soil feel dry to the touch. 

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