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How to keep cool at work

Summer is every British person’s favourite time of year. There’s nothing that is loved more than pulling out a dusty pair of shorts that’s seen the back of the wardrobe for the past 10 months and braving showing some leg. The days are longer and brighter, with the thought of ‘beergarden weather’ giving everyone something to look forward to. 

…Until the real effects of a July heatwave kick in. Cue the complaints. 

Research has shown that temperatures creeping higher can cause both physical and mental stress, including headaches, nausea, as well as lower concentration and productivity. Being a country that doesn’t get to whip the shades out all too often, this can be a big shock to the system. 

So, as the heat goes up, how can you cool your office down? 

Keeping it fresh

Known to reduce irritability and fatigue, the desk fan will be your new best friend during these melting summer months. Gadgets such as this are designed to optimise air circulation, alongside keeping staff feeling fresh and alert, which will be a brilliant addition to your office desk. 

For those that battle pesky seasonal allergies, experts have suggested that keeping windows and blinds closed can reduce the troublesome effects. There are also other advantages; the sun’s heat is reflected and uncomfortable hot air is kept out of the office. If you’re looking for another way to improve your office’s air quality, we recommend keeping doors open where you can, as well as investing in an air purifier. Carrying several benefits, such as reducing the occurrence of health issues caused by indoor pollutants, it’s a great way to keep your office feeling fresh as a daisy. 

Take a breather

If you’re starting to melt away at your desk, pick yourself up and take a step outside to welcome back concentration. It’s not every day that you get to experience the gentle breeze on your face without the inevitable show of raindrops, so switch up your surroundings when you can with an ice cream in hand. 

With the hottest hours falling between 11am and 3pm, consider rejigging your schedule to have your important meetings first thing, leaving time at the end of the day to relax outside with colleagues. 

Stock up on the summer snacks

Looking for more ways to keep cool at work, whilst keeping those energy levels up? Head on back to your old friend, the snacking station, or in this case, the freezer. Ice cream is a common favourite amongst all office employees, so definitely make sure you’re keeping these energy boosters replenished. 

If you really want to push the boat out, become the office favourite by unleashing your inner chef. There are plenty of other healthy, refreshing and easy-to-follow summer snack recipes to experiment with. Perhaps try changing it up with some Mango Lassi, frozen berries or banana pops

Adapt your office wardrobe

Switching out bulky clothing items for natural, breathable fabrics is another hack for staying cool in a hot office. Artificial fabrics, such as polyester, are known to increase sweat due to their heaviness, so to avoid those embarrassing underarm patches, stick to something lighter. 

If you’re a suit-wearer and still want a professional look without succumbing to the heat, opt for jackets made of wool without lining. This unsung hero of the material world is known to be both lightweight, highly absorbent and a fast dryer too. Perfect for the summer sweats. 

Armed with these simple, yet effective, tips and tricks, your office will be left feeling cool as ice. From revitalizing snacks to handy gadgets, there are plenty of ways for you to freshen up your space during a heat wave, ensuring that staff energy levels remain at an all time high. So go out and enjoy the summer while it lasts! 


5 happy workplace ideas your staff won’t hate

Do you want to transform your office space but have no idea where to begin? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! Right here is where you’ll find all our best furniture ideas that will give your workplace a new lease of life, and your employees a whole new outlook.

You know what they say: a clean mind always comes hand-in-hand with a clean space. Or, in this case, a well-designed office environment. 

The process of modifying a space from drab to fab doesn’t have to be a big ordeal – something that no doubt puts off a lot of employers. And making a happier workplace doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket.  By placing your staffs’ best interests at heart, it’s highly likely that a revamp will not only improve overall productivity, but it will also sell your company culture to passing visitors, clients and potential candidates.  

So whether you’re looking for clean, fresh and minimalist or funky and bright, we’ve got you covered.

Up your greens

Did you know that plants in the workplace have been proven to increase productivity by up to 15%?  Plants are one of the best ways to not only (quite literally) bring new life into the office, but they can also help to reduce stress and improve creativity. A dark office space has been linked to staff sickness days, so one brilliant way to combat this is by brightening up the working environment as much as possible.

Decorate your office desk with a few succulent friends, or, if you’re limited on floor space, hanging plant pots are a brilliant way to create the illusion of height, while transforming your office into your very own colourful, jungle paradise. 

Something for the mind

If you’re looking to keep your staff happy, reducing workplace stress is the best place to start. Mental health, on many occasions, can unfortunately be overlooked in the workplace. So why not designate part of your space to include relaxation zones with office furniture that strives for optimum comfort with ‘chilling’ at its heart? By encouraging employees to be more mindful at work, attention and concentration will gradually begin to rise.  

So, how can you achieve a calmer, more zen environment? Office pods are a great, modern way to boost focus by creating a quieter and calmer place where employees can avoid the hustle and bustle of the main office. 

Organisation is key

Maintaining a well-organised office is the best way to optimise efficiency in the workplace. Although decluttering may seem like a time-consuming task,  when kept on top of, office workers can virtually eradicate the impact of disorganisation.   

An office desk is the main working station for any office worker, so it’s important to keep this area uncluttered. To put this into the everyday perspective, if you’re opening your drawer looking for an important document, but end up pulling out KFC receipts, then it’s time to reevaluate your priorities

Why not spend the last 15 minutes of your day focussing on sorting through paperwork, and placing those that are relevant into an organised filing system? This means that you can come into work the next day with a free schedule to spend on upcoming projects without a desk full of clutter. 

Fancy a snack?

Food fuels an active mind, so fight the afternoon slump by having healthy office snacks readily available for hungry folks. By switching out your consistently empty sweet bowl with snacks that are higher in healthy fats, protein and fibre, productivity levels are guaranteed to rise. 

There are many parallels between food and company culture, which is often an overlooked aspect of working life. Did you also know that 40% of employees deem office food as being one of the most important amenities? So, to ensure that you’ve got the best office snacking station around (and lots of happy, well-rewarded staff), keep those goodies replenished as often as possible. 

A little healthy competition 

The word ‘distraction’ is likely to scare off any manager, but fear not. We’re talking about the good kind; the kind that sharpens strategic thinking whilst channelling your competitive spirit.   

In any workplace, it’s inevitable that staff will begin to lose concentration, so providing them with a fun activity to regain energy levels and motivation is key. Whether this is office table-tennis or a high-tech gaming station, incorporating both work and play into your office space is certain to elevate staff morale. 

So there you have it: Five super simple yet effective ways to inject some happiness into your office space.

Don’t be put off; a revamp doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or expensive task. But it’s certainly well worth it. With a few simple changes to your office furniture, sit back and watch as the stress levels fall and productivity levels rise.