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How to manage your time effectively

Our relationships with time can be up and down. It’s either on our side or working against us. One major factor that can control this, is proper time management. Once you’ve cracked how to manage your time effectively, you’ll be instantly less stressful, projects will be done more efficiently, and you’ll be more at ease with managing your professional and personal time, and your workload.

Working from home

One area where managing time is of great importance is when having to work from home. Whether you have a big family, housemates, a partner or you’re sick but have your laptop on the couch, working from home has its challenges and if you don’t have your time managed well, it can have a serious knock-on effect for poor productivity and mental health.

Time management tips for work

  • Have a dedicated workspace set up with a proper office desk and office chair wherever you are, just for you and your work
  • Make sure your chair is comfortable and good for posture
  • Use diaries and calendars, whether printed or digital
  • If you’re working on team projects, use apps like Google Drive to easily share and edit work
  • Get that to-do list written daily and checked off
  • If you need to do chores around the house, delegate tasks in the household and use those calendars, diaries and to-do lists for others too so you’re not left with all the tasks
  • Set alarms and reminders on your phone

How to manage time better

Your to-do list is your saviour, and really such a simple technique that shouldn’t be forgotten. As soon as you get up, write or type up a to-do list for that day. You could even start the week with a main to-do list and then break it up daily. Have those green highlighters at the ready to check off every item. Did you know that seeing more green lines or ticks (which is a calming colour) will have you instantly feeling better because you know you’re keeping on top of tasks?

Use calendars on your phone or your computer/email to slot in tasks, chores or work projects. It could be those little organisation tasks to help keep on top of things like sorting your emails or going through meal plans to make use of your food and to reduce food waste.

Apps for better time management

  • FabulousThis app focuses on setting and organising healthy routines and rituals into your days
  • EvernoteThis app allows you to take notes anywhere, to find information faster and to share ideas. Make meeting notes, note web pages, projects and to-do lists
  • RescueTime – Blocks social media, YouTube, news etc. from taking over your attention for set periods of time
  • todoistLets you keep track of everything in one place to keep on top of things and you can add to your to-do lists anytime, anywhere, on any device – even offline
  • Microsoft To Do  – Makes it easy to plan your days and manage time as you can have a personalised daily planner with suggested tasks, share and assign tasks with friends, family and colleagues. You can also add notes to any task and attach files to tasks
Productivity, Workplace

8 morning habits to set you up for a productive day

There are typically two types of people in the world: the morning person and the one who has several alarms set every 15 minutes. Whichever group you fall into, we have a helpful guide on how to be more productive in the morning right here to kickstart your day. Not only will this encourage better habits and a healthier routine, you’ll see knock-on benefits throughout your lifestyle, organisation, productivity and house management.