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Design Your Office Space

Now in the world of business it’s not about fitting in but rather it is about standing out in the crowd. It has never been a better time to think about space planning and design of your office to give yourself the edge on the competition!

Recently in the furniture industry we have been seeing a lot more companies choose more open floor plans for their office designs and more and more are choosing to have collaborative environments in the hope of growing their business and moving it into this new generation.

However, the debate comes about whether or not we should promote open office spaces where employees are encouraged to work in an open collaborative space or whether or not they would be much better with more private areas to work in.

Now this is a tough one and it is a question which we are frequently asked at DBI Furniture Solutions Ltd the Privacy VS Collaboration debate.

Privacy VS Collaboration

For the majority of us we have probably experienced both situations of being in an open plan office whereby group discussion is a regular occurrence but on the other hand we have probably all experienced the four walls and a door where we are isolated from other employees.

In argument against the more open plan office designs there is nothing worse than having a massive project to concentrate on and needing peace and quiet in order to concentrate but being in an open plan office environment whereby everyone is constantly talking and causing a disruption.

On the flipside though and in argument for more open plan office designs where the office desks are arranged to promote communication amongst employees could be more beneficial where two heads are better than one and in some industries it requires a whole team to reach one end goal and significant achievements.

DBI Furniture Solutions Ltd would like to know what your thoughts are on the Privacy VS Collaborative office design debate. Are you a business owner who has tried both and has found one to be more beneficial than the other?

Why not send us in your pictures of your current office designs and we will showcase some of the best on our website. What works for you and your business?

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How to fix a squeaky office chair

There is nothing more annoying within an office for both you and your work colleagues than a squeaky office chair that makes that disruptive sound every time you move. Especially when you’re trying to do your work at your perfect office desk! You can fix this however, and it will only take a few minutes to do so – plus your work colleagues will be grateful for the quietness!

1. Locate where the creak is coming from

Firstly, what you need to do is to kneel down beside the office chair and then move it just as you would when you were sat on it. Listen out for the creak and try and locate where it is coming from. In our experience, the majority of the time the chair will be creaking because of the swivel mechanism around the wheelbase, the sides and the back of the chair.

2. Apply lubricant

Next, when you have located where the creak is, then you need to apply a small amount of specialised spray lubricant such as WD-40 to that part of the chair; make sure you have a cloth handy to be used to wipe away any excess lubricant and to prevent the lubricant from staining the upholstery of the office chair. Look for a lubricant which is a spray one and one which contains a fine-tip nozzle, as this makes it easier to get the spray exactly where you want it – the direct area causing the creaking.

3.  Move the chair to work the lubricant

Thirdly, move the chair backwards and forth a few times in order to work the lubricant into the swivel mechanism, then leave it to sit like this for a few minutes. Test your chair to see if it is squeaking still, but hopefully it won’t be.

In the unfortunate event that you’re still lumped with a squeaky office chair, then apply another coat of lubricant to the affected area(s). If the problem still persists, then try applying the lubricant to the surrounding joins and areas to see if this works.

This should solve the problem but if not, maybe it’s time you renewed your office furniture to treat your staff both to a quieter, less frustrating workplace and an updated, comfier one.

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Office storage is a required necessity

There is nothing worse than turning up to a messy office to find there is clutter all over the place. Office storage plays a vital part in ensuring that an office can run smoothly and efficiently without anything important like paperwork going missing or being lost.

Why office design is important for an organised office

Once office storage solutions have been designed and implemented, there is no excuse for clutter, mess and overflowing filing cabinets. Offices shouldn’t represent disorganisation, especially if you don’t want your values or company to represent it either. Simply implementing suitable storage solutions can lift staff morale: a clean and organised office is a happy one!

Choosing the right office storage solutions

DBI Furniture Solutions has a number of storage solutions which can be beneficial in any workplace environment, even those that can be integrated seamlessly into office desks. We take the time to listen to our customers about the types of tasks which take place in the office on a daily basis before we specify a storage solution for them. With a wide range of office storage solutions, it’s important that you get the right one for you and your business.

Filing and shelving

For all those important documents, an office needs secure filing solutions. From cabinets to electronic and mobile shelving, employees can access paperwork with ease.

Mobile storage

Mobile storage units have risen in popularity and are now in high demand because they can help ease access to important documents, whilst allowing for large volumes of documents to be stored in the minimum amount of space.

Innovative tables

To make use of work space, innovative office tables with crates and shelves – placed around workplaces – are perfect for storing boxes and handy office essentials.

Automated carousel

This is a clever piece of office equipment that brings storage to you. Employees can access multiple levels of storage making the working day incredibly more productive. This type of storage is ideal for large companies that need a lot of files to be stored with ease of access.


Whether it’s for a breakout area, a staff room, the main office floor or reception, bookcases are a brilliant office storage asset. You can store niche reading materials to suit your sector as well as newspapers for staff to read and start conversations over.


Ideal for schools, offices and industrial warehouses, lockers mean people can have their valuables safely stored and secured. Especially if your office has a shower, lockers for your staff are a great asset.

Having a storage solution or multiple storage solutions within your office will mean that those daily tasks will become more streamlined and productivity will increase because less time is spent frantically searching for those important documents!

If you are short of space within your office, then speak to our expert team because we have experience in space planning and design and can provide you with a number of space-saving storage solutions, which may be ideal for what you need.

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Reception Counters are the Face of Your Business

The reception area of an office or business represents how people will view your company. They will form an opinion based on what the reception area looks like and one of the most important items within the reception is the reception desk or reception counter.

There are a number of reception counter option s available and so choosing one can be extremely difficult. They can be made from wood, glass and even steel but it isn’t just the material which they are made from which can often be confusing but it is also the choice of shapes and sizes too!

What should you look for a reception counter?

It is important that your reception area looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye however; a reception desk which looks good might not be all that practical. You need to combine aesthetic appearance with utility since the reception is going to be someone’s working area whereby a receptionist will carry out many important tasks.

First impressions count! You will never get a second change to make a first impression and thus when designing your workplace you should seek advice from a professional. DBI Furniture Solutions offer services in space planning and design using CAD which means you can have 2D and 3D layouts presented to you as possible solutions and you can choose which one you like or make alterations until you are happy with the design.

DBI Furniture Solutions can provide you with a whole reception interior fit out which is tailored to your requirements. We have a wide selection of office furniture and as mentioned have a full range of services which you can take advantage of because we do more than just your standard office desks! Our after sales support service is second to none which means we will be on hand to help should you need information regarding your new office furniture.

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